Bridging the cultural gap between China & France

Bridgefact helps you strengthen cooperation between French and Chinese professionals in the Tech, Culture, Education and Tourism area


A cultural heritage place with rapid economic development

Located midway along the coastal line of the Chinese mainland, Ningbo serves as the economic center for the southern Yangtze River Delta. Ningbo is an important traffic hub and has witnessed continuous and rapid economic development in the wake of Chinese economic reform. The economy of Ningbo is built upon strong industrial foundations and a favorable investment environment, as well as an active private economy with a strong emphasis recently on Tech and Culture.


A leading country for tourism and innovation

France ranked 5th in the most attractive countries. Since 2017, the image of France among foreign business managers has been positively impacted  and is considered as one of the most competitive countries leading recently to important direct investments, in particular in the innovation and technology sector.  Whereas France remains an important tourism country, being the most visited country in the world, huge efforts have been made in recent years to promote the French Tech abroad and seduce foreign investors.

What we can do for you 

We help you to build franco-chinese cooperations in tourism, technology, education and cultures areas through the organization of dedicated meetings, business and cultural show events, or by helping you sourcing the projects that fit your needs in the targeted country. We have notably established strong connections in the innovative and technology sectors. Our knowledge on the chinese local administration will enable you to accelerate the organization of your events in China, and in particular in the Zhejiang province of China

A few things we’re great at



We accompany companies to enter into a new market in China or in France, help you to position your brand, and provide rigorous analysis through deep market research.



We organize Franco-Chinese events focusing on culture that can take place in Paris or in China, facilitating dialogue between leading French and Chinese personalities.



We help you to develop cooperation projects and relationships between French and Chinese education establishments (exchanges of students, teachers, organization of conferences).



We help our clients to understand the specificities of the chinese and french digital landscape and advise them on an optimal supplier strategy in both countries to source critical technologies. 



Our team helps you in defining your tourism marketing strategy in France or in China until its operational implementation that is adapted to the expectations of your french or chinese tourists.

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With teams based in France and China, we ensure the deployment of your sin-french strategy and actions and are at your disposal for any information request